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Ice Cream Fundraiser

Our Student Union is selling Ice Cream April 8-18.  The money raised by this fundraiser is used for Student Union events at our school.  Please ask your child, or any student attending the Raymond Junior High School for an order form if you are interested in supporting this fundraiser.  The ice cream comes in the following flavors:

Minty Chocolaty Chip          Black Cherry      

NY Cherry Cheesecake       BooBoo Bubble Gum

Pralines and Cream            Chocolate

Rolo Frozen Dessert           Choc Chip Cookie Dough

Strawberry                        Chocolate PB Cup

Tiger Tiger                        Cookies and Cream

Vanilla                              French Vanilla

Vanilla Bean                      Maple Walnut

Toasted S'Mores                Triple Tornado

Cotton Candy                    Peanut Butter Heaven

All Flavors are $45 per bucket (2.5 gallon).  They will be available for pick-up after Easter Break.  Be sure to fill out the form with your contact information to be notified when the ice cream arrives. 

We accept Cash or Cheque, or Debit at the JR High Office.






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