Theme 5 Presentation

May 7, 2018
Dear Parents/Guardians:
On May 9, 2018, the health classes are going to be teaching Theme Five – Human
Sexuality. This is a mandatory component of the Alberta Program of Studies, and is
offered in all three grades. All human sexuality outcomes have been boldfaced and
italicized to assist the teachers in identification of these outcomes. (see
accompanying list)
Parents/Guardians have the right to exempt their child from this instruction, and
the teachers will then provide an alternative learning experience.
We have invited Dr. Greg Smith to speak to the entire student body for one hour
(1:30-2:30pm). Each grade will be divided by gender and grade for the last 20-30
minutes. Dr. Smith will only be spending time with the Grade 9s this year answering
any of their questions. While Dr. Smith is with the grade 9 classes, the grade 7 and 8
classes will be doing worksheets, and/or reading and discussing the materials from
the health textbook with a staff member of the same gender. Please know that all
staff members will treat this material with every sensitivity and respect so that none
of our students will be embarrassed or feel uncomfortable.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us here at
the school (752-3348).
Mrs. Anderson/Mr. Hill (7)
Mr. Coppieters/Mrs. Kain (8)
Miss Meeks (9)
Please sign below and return it to the office ONLY if you would like to EXEMPT your
I Do Not want my child _____________________________________________ in grade __________to
                                                                            (Name – please print)
participate in the Theme Five: Human Sexuality Unit in Health.
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________
(Parent Signature)                                                                                          (Date)

Human Sexuality Leaning Outcomes for Grades Seven, Eight, and Nine:

W=wellness choices

W-7.3 examine the human reproductive process and recognize misunderstandings associated with sexual development

W-7.12 identify the effects of social influences on sexuality and gender roles and Equity eg. Media & culture

W-7.13 examine the influences on personal decision making for responsible sexual behaviour

W-7.14 examine abstinence and decisions to postpone sexual activity as healthy choices

W. 8.3 recognize and accept that individuals experience different rates of physical, emotional, sexual and social development signs, methods and consequences of various types of abuse; neglect, physical, emotional, sexual abuse

W-8.7 determine the signs, methods, and consequences of various types of abuse; e.g., neglect, physical, emotional, sexual

W-8.12 identify and describe the responsibilities and consequences associated with involvement in a sexual relationship

W-8.13 describe symptoms, effects, treatments and prevention for common sexually transmitted diseases; i.e., herpes, Chlamydia gonorrhea hepatitis B/C, HIV

W 8.14 identify and describe basic contraceptives, abstinence, condom, birth control pills

W-9.3 apply coping strategies when experiencing different rates of physical emotional, sexual and social development; e.g., positive self-talk

W-9.7 evaluate implications and consequences of sexual assault on a victim and those associated with that victim

W-9.12 determine “safer” sex practices abstinence, limit partners, condoms, contraceptives properly

W-8.13 identify and describe the responsibilities and resources associated with pregnancy and parenting

W-9.14 develop strategies that address factors to prevent or reduce sexual risk; eg: abstain from drugs and alcohol, date in groups, use assertive behavior