Band 2020 Covid Style

We are very excited to be able to run our band program this year.  Due to the distancing that needs to happen we began at the Raymond Ice Arena for the first 4 weeks.  Thanks to the Town of Raymond for allowing this to happen.  We are currently using the RJHS gym while preparations are being made to move to the "Cultural Hall" for most likely the remainder of the year (or until the ice is out of the arena)  We appreciate the work that is going on to allow our Program to continue!  The need for a new Band Room has never been greater ;).   As it stands right now we have 174 students registered in the Band Program at RJHS and RHS!  

****Update......We have made the move to the Cultural Hall! 


Jazz Band will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch!   Please contact Mr. Heseltine if you have any questions


Band 9 students - we will start band up THIS week, however, please be aware that we are splitting the band into two classes that will rehearse on alternating days.

Woodwinds will rehearse Mondays and Wednesdays beginning January 20 (no band Jan 27).

Brass/Percussion will rehearse Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning January 21 (no band Jan 28).

Rehearsals are in the band room and begin at our usual start time of 7:00am. See you all then!

Beginning February 1 these dates will change, and we will post an updated schedule for Semester 2.