Staff Directory


Photo of Jared Heggie

Jared Heggie


Photo of Tyler Runquist

Tyler Runquist

Vice Principal, Learner Support Teacher

Photo of Bryce Coppieters

Bryce Coppieters

Vice Principal, Athletics Director


Photo of Robert Baker

Robert Baker

Photo of Derek Baldry

Derek Baldry

Photo of Brad Davis

Brad Davis

Photo of Tyler Francis

Tyler Francis

Photo of Christie Graves

Christie Graves

Photo of Ryan Heseltine

Ryan Heseltine

Photo of Rob Hill

Rob Hill

Photo of Stacie Iwaasa

Stacie Iwaasa

Photo of Neana Meeks

Neana Meeks

Photo of Jimmy Ralph

Jimmy Ralph

Photo of Claire Sala

Claire Sala

Photo of Jason Salmon

Jason Salmon

Photo of Aleisha Van Hierden

Aleisha Van Hierden

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Shelley Powlesland

Shelley Powlesland

Support Staff

Photo of Sally Roberts

Sally Roberts



Photo of Darwin Skretting

Darwin Skretting

Family School Liaison Counsellor

Educational Assistants

Photo of Megan James

Megan James

Photo of Sarah Lees

Sarah Lees

Photo of Jill Paxman

Jill Paxman

Photo of Correne Schneider

Correne Schneider

Photo of J'Ana Smith

J'Ana Smith

Photo of Leslie Snee

Leslie Snee

Photo of Jazmin Wilde

Jazmin Wilde

Photo of Susan Williams

Susan Williams